Monday, October 26, 2009

Mail Love

Pictures are worth a thousand words!!

Katrina....thanks for the surprise t-shirts!! Haddon loved having "Boo-boo bear" she's already "needed" it twice tonight! Haha

He's been dying for his favorite.....thanks Grandma!!

Way too heavy to have been shipped, but everyone was glad you did!! :P

This doesn't even need words.....but YUM!!

A boy and his biscuits!! LOL!!


ActionJackson said...

Packages are the best thing to get when you are over seas!

Shannonigans said...

I LOVE IT! The simple things can make life so much fun! We take so much for granted here...your kids are learning to be so thankful there! ENJOY!

The Woods Family said...

So fun to receive the foods that are not available were you are living. We love to get packages of seasoning and candies. We make homemade Biscuits and gravy here from scratch. It is not so difficult.If you can get flour and Baking powder. Let me know I can send some links to some easy recipes. We have to make everything from scratch. Love ya all.