Sunday, June 6, 2010

Is that made of.......WOOD? (Remember Joey and his Gopher on Full House)

Our dining room buffet

The girls dresser

Our dining room hutch (with very limited cabinet space and no closets you really have to create your storage)

Master bedroom bedside nightstand

Vanity desk and stool

In April when we ordered our furniture we were surprised that they said it would take two months to complete because we had been told that it could be done in a month. So we settled on the date of June 10th for completion. As we were talking to people about or time frame of moving and packing our furniture up several people said it would be very likely that the furniture would not be completed on time....this made us worry about how we were going to get moved with all our stuff and still be able to check that it was done right, etc.

To our great relief we received a call on Saturday that our furniture was done and could they send it to us on Sunday. But in trying to cover all of our bases we decided that it would be easier for us to drive the three hours to the coastal city and inspect it ourselves before they brought it down here. That way if there was a problem we could just ask them to fix it and it would still be at their shop, this would also give us a chance to talk to them about the cost of them shipping it to "Folgers" for us. Boy...are we glad we did that!

Here is what has been happening, before we moved here the policy was that we could buy furniture here and the company would ship it for us. Everyone told us that this was the best way since you could get furniture so much cheaper over here, so we only packed a small crate and saved the rest of our crate money for making purchases over here. However, then the country and in turn our company have had to deal with lack of funds and so we were now told we would be responsible for moving our own things. This required some creative reworking of our plans but was still do-able.

It is very tricky to find businesses or services that you need over here because there are no Yellow Pages, most businesses have no website, and you just have to find out about things by searching on your own or asking others, simply "word of mouth". I had heard from others who have recently moved from here what they paid and it was costing around $2500 (US) for a move to one of the farthest islands, so when I called our company to ask about the company that they used to use when they shipped our things, that company was no longer, but they had the contact info for the representative who used to work there and now worked for another moving company. Well. to make a long story short they quoted me over $5000 (US) for a 20ft container!! FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS....are you kidding me? Yikes!! Granted, they did everything for you but still, come on, what am I...Bill Gates?!

So then we met with the Post Office since we heard that they would also move us, and we were quoted the price of approximately $1400 (US). Now we are getting somewhere. But while we were at the furniture store the man said for $40 he would send a truck to get our things at the house, and put them with our things from his store, wrapped, and would ship his 20ft container for $650 (US)!! That was great news! And since we were very pleased with his work and how it had been wrapped we got everything in writing but we feel really good about this and how the CEO has provided once again for us!

We still have our stove to buy and are going to wait on mattresses until we get to Folgers to ensure we have enough room in our container but so far things are lining up great!

We have a busy few weeks coming up, we are going to take a day trip to Borobudur, a 4th century temple and go to Barry's eye exam this Thursday, take the boys to Camp MIKI on Sunday, have our company language evaluation on Thursday, leave for Bali with the girls on Friday and then meet the boys there when they fly in with the other campers from our company on Saturday! We will have a week of meetings and then some vacation time at the end. I am ready to go and to not think about moving for a few days!
After we come back on July 1st we will load up our shipping container and then fly out on the 5th, if all goes according to plan!
Please lift up our Language Evaluation for the company which is June 17th! We need to make a "5" to pass it!! Thank you so much, the CEO has really been answering them and we are just so blessed and grateful!!

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