Thursday, June 10, 2010

Maybe for the Next Super Bowl....?

Okay...seriously? Could he be any more adorable? This was the photographer at the temple (you know, like a "Party Pic" guy) and we became fast friends. He spoke fairly good English and was very proud of the fact that he knew some of our history (think George Washington) and that he could sing our National Anthem! Now, I know what you are thinking....sure he is your friend, he just wants to take your picture and make money!! Well, I am sure that was true, but as we began our trek up to the top we were stopped by a group of students who were doing a 2 week intensive English class and so we allowed them to be our guide. Our little photographer friend patiently waited as we conversed with the students and seemingly became the main attraction as we were consistently mobbed for photo opps by others who were visiting the temple. He stayed with us shooting 3 pics as we made our way to the top. When we met up with him later, he told us that we were not like most Westerners, we were kinder than most! Not to pat ourselves on the back, but hearing that was like music to our ears....because that is what we want! We want to be different, it totally opens up the door to tell them WHY we are different! Ya' gotta love how things turn out sometimes!

Pic #1 - Before we enter the temple grounds.....

Pic #2 - After we enter and climb up to the entrance..those ladies on the sides are two of about 20 that took their picture with us before we go any farther!

Pic #3 - Only about 5 steps from the very top! The steep steps up and the insanely hot temp seemed bearable because we were so involved in talking with the students.....niiice!

More pics to come but we had a fun day visiting this 8th century temple and being reminded of why the CEO called us to come here in the first place!

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