Friday, June 11, 2010

Visiting an attraction....and Being the Attraction

We had a fantastic time visiting this temple, it is quite an impressive structure for it's size alone.....and even more impressive when you realize that they built this without any major machinery to help! That is quite a feat! That being said, it is also an incredibly sad structure in that you realize men built this and came there trying to reach a "status", a certain "level" so that they might have eternal life or at best come back to do it right the next time. These things are such a reminder of the lostness of man, and their feeble attempts to reach "perfection" or heaven. Because we can look at this and think of it as ancient, but we must never loose sight of the fact that this belief is not dead. It continues on to this day and millions of people follow it.

Again, it was really cool to see something so old. I remember when Oklahoma was celebrating it's 100th birthday of Statehood, and that seemed so old until that same year we traveled to Jamestown, VA for it's 400th birthday and there was a huge impressive monument that was placed there for it's 300th birthday...the same time in which Oklahoma was just becoming a State!! It has a way of putting it in perspective. So to see something built around 800 AD was crazy!

We also became the attraction at the attraction! People came to us in droves to have their picture taken with us, it was a very interesting experience and can do wonders for your self-esteem! LOL It does get old after a while but the kids did good and kept smiling! It was killer hot that day also so to stand there with sweat poring off of you and these people squeezing up to you as if they were a relative or something can be kind of awkward but, we survived and had some great conversations with a lot of people. One kid came up to me and said. "Are you from New Zealand?" I replied, "No, I am American" while laughing to myself because maybe Europe, Australia or America , as people have guessed before, but it was so random to guess New Zealand of all places!! What? Do I look like a "Kiwi"? :)

Oh....and in case you wondered....volcanic stone is very unforgiving and hard! When you see the pic with a stone box looking thing ( a trash can, I guess) at the foot of the stairs, I tripped over that as I turned for another pic and scraped my shin to shreds!! OUCH! Most pain I've had in a long time, pretty sure I bruised it to the bone! Of course being surrounded by all these students I kept a smile, and of coursed laughed like I always do when I am in major pain! (someday I will ask why He made me that way, I laugh when I am happy, I laugh when I am nervous, and when I am weird!) I didn't go all the way down but that thing did not budge! So embarrassing!

Well, gotta run, we take the boys to camp in the morning, please lift them up to the CEO!! Enjoy the slideshow and please use it to talk to the CEO about it's followers!!!

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