Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reaching Level 5

Well.....I would say I gave it the "'Ole college try", but the truth of the matter is that I gave it a much better try than I think I ever did in college, but I just couldn't pull it off. Our company likes us to be at level 5 after we finish a year of language school, then we test every year after that until we reach level 7 at that time we no longer are required to test unless we just want to know for our own personal goals. Now, I haven't had my official results given to me but the language tester felt that Barry was above a level 5 but I was not yet at a level 5.

I am so happy for Barry and so very proud of him, really he amazes me.....but am completely bummed for myself! Definitely disappointed. If any one of you knew me in High School then you know that studying wasn't one of my strong points! I made decent grades but I have never been super motivated academically. (Don't you dare tell those four precious kids I home school about that!) LOL....okay.....they already know...I've confessed....I've already talked about how I want better for them, blah, blah, blah.....!! :) But this time, at this Language School, I did my dead level best. I studied, I conversed with strangers and interviewed them about their culture, I wrote papers, watched films, listened to the radio, took private tutoring, etc. So to do all that and not pass a level five is more than a little frustrating.

On the other hand, we have Barry. My precious academically over-achieving husband, the man is smart! Again, if you knew me in High School you might find it humorous to know that I married a Valedictorian, this is funny because I am pretty sure our valedictorians didn't even know my name and I'm pretty sure I couldn't even pronounce theirs!! (Although after a year of living in Asia, I probably could now!) :) Several of you all have asked how Barry was doing with language school, well...just guess how the H.S. class valedictorian, Oklahoma University President's Leadership Class member, Honor Roll in seminary and invited member of a special Theological Honors Fraternity did? If after reading all that you think he did great, then you are correct! He says that learning Spanish, Hebrew and Greek helped him with this language, so I shouldn't be so hard on myself! But come on...7th grade Spanish should have helped me out too, right? :)

Normally, all of his academic achievements are celebrated with much praise and without jealousy, this is his thing, he's great at it, go for it! But this time, I have to admit a twinge of jealousy. Fortunately for me the CEO says he uses the simple minded and the weak to show He is strong! I have always liked that he put that in the Manual, this gives hope to everyone! How much greater is the work done through us when it's even more obviously Him and not us and our talents. I know that each of us are bestowed certain gifts and abilities, and I know my worth or what can be done through me is not tied to this test and for that I am grateful.

So rejoice with Barry, he has worked hard, did a great job, put in a lot of hard work and used his talents wisely. He is certainly ready for what he has been called to do. Please keep lifting us up that we constantly rely on the CEO for strength and that we never stop being learners! Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to go pack for Bali and not dwell on this any longer!! :)


Zimms Zoo said...

The fact that you can speak it at all is more than us!

Yeah for Barry! Yeah for you!!

Carrie said...

I. Love. You!

It is the ENEMY that discourages us, yet he encourages us... to think negatively about ourselves. Our lack of skills in [this] area. Our lack of beauty in [this] area. Our inability in [this] area. Our lack of faith in [this] area. Our lack of effort in [this] area. Our lack of [whatever] in [whatever] area. He thinks he is so clever and conniving... and he just may be. But he will never win. Ever.

Thank you, CEO, for reminding you (Justine) of what is You say in Your Manual! You, my friend, are an amazing woman, blessed and anointed by the One, True, CEO. He is growing you, stretching you, molding you, changing you, and perfecting you. Hold on to the truths in the Manual. "Cuz them's fight'n' words."

I am rejoicing with you in your successes. Be proud of your accomplishments. CEO is. I am. Your mom is. Barry is. Your kids are. EVERYONE is!!!! And I'm thanking our Great CEO for you and Barry and what He has done in and through you two and what He is still to do. May CEO rain down blessings, refreshment, rejuvenation, rest, and a downright, good time as you retreat in Bali.