Friday, September 11, 2009

Gotta Love a Reward

Simply because I am mentally wiped out and can't seem to get my thoughts together at the moment to share the stories I initially intended are a few pictures of Haddon enjoying the "fruits" of her labor.
We have been after her for months now to put her face in the water and learn to swim, and while she did it at first, she then quit, so we did what any good parent would do..........and we bribed her with her favorite dessert........a banana split! :) Well, it worked and now that girl is a stinkin' fish in the water, seriously, she never gets out of the pool, is jumping into the deep, floating, and loves it! We took her to The Bizztro, it is one of our favorite restaurants here that serves western food. It's pretty expensive so we don't go often but sometimes go to enjoy the desserts or fruit drinks, you can tell she is one happy girl until the end!!
Haddon is also at her first sleepover tonight! She and Campbell are staying with their friend whose parents are the dorm parents for the company dorm. There were three giggly girls racing off to play when I left them.....*sigh*.......they are growing up quick!


joan said...

wow! congratulations, Haddon for complishing swimming! i remember when you wouldn't hardly get in the (pool) water :)
p.s. i can't finish a whole banana split by myself!

Zimms Zoo said...

How fun to have such a western thing there. Love me a banana split. Way to go Haddon!!

I remember how much she hated swimming with us at our friends house. Will you buy me one if I learn to like the deep end?