Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Campbell Morgan

Opening what would be a hamster ball for "Java Bean"!
" Bizztro Berry" her favorite drink at The Bizztro! She also got a complimentary banana split!

Awww.....Marshall giving Campbell a little birthday love!

Another present was a "huli-hoop" as Haddon calls it, she is getting really good at it!

Making bagel pizzas with her Dad, that is what she wanted for lunch before she went swimming!
So, the little girl that I prayed for so long ago is now EIGHT!! She was born at a crazy time in our lives. Changes were going on in our "business" and 911 had happened just ten days before! Here I was in the hospital having just brought a new life into this world, a perfect gift, and all that was being discussed and shown on TV was the death and destruction that had taken place shortly before. It was a time of mixed emotion, joy at her birth but also concern over what was taking place in our country and wondering what kind of world she would grow up in.
Fast forward eight years and she is a beautiful, funny, kind little girl who has taken all of these changes in her life lately and thrived! Of course she misses "home" but she hasn't let it stop her from enjoying her new country and way of life. You would never know her brothers used to call her "Moyer the Destroyer" (if you've watched Veggietales you'll know that name). I also no longer let thoughts consume me about the world she will grow up in. I've read the book, know what's in store and trust the CEO with the details. I guess if I let fear control me I wouldn't be where I am today! We only have a short time on this big blue and green ball and we need to make it count, doing what we were made to do, what we have a call to do. I hope Campbell catches that from us, we always tell her, be smart, but don't ever let fear stop you! I would hate for her to miss out on all that an obedient life has to offer. I think she is off to a good start, she is always the first one to remind everyone that the CEO is in control!
She is named after G. Campbell Morgan who once said:
“We are face to face with an awful indifference to religion. That is due to the passionless condition of the Chr*st**n Ch*rch, and that in turn is due to the utter uncertainty of Chr*st**n people about the authority of the Manual. Suffer a word of personal conviction. Where is the remedy? It is not by the defence (sic) of the Word of the CEO, but by its study and by our own return to it until it so consumes us that we shall be able to say, ‘O L*rd, how I love thy law: it is my meditation day andnight.’ I have no panic in my heart as to its ultimate victory, my panic at the moment, if there is one there, is for the men and women who are neglecting it. My appeal is for a new devotion to it, a new answer to it. When our own people, of whatever section of the great Ch*rch of The Son, turn from books concerning it to the Book itself, to know it, to understand it, to live in the power of it, then you will have generated within their hearts the passion which it teaches, and for ever more makes possible to send the same message on to those in darkness.”(italicized, my words)
Sounds like a message for today as well doesn't it? My pr*yer is that she will live a life that let's her Light shine in the darkness and do all that the CEO has planned for her. On my kids bedroom wall back home I painted,
"Just think, you're here not by chance, but by God's choosing.
His hand formed you and made you the person you are. He compares you to no one
else. You are one of a kind. You lack nothing that His grace can't give you. He
has allowed you to be here at this time in history to fulfill His special
purpose for this generation." -Roy Lessin

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joan said...

happy (belated) birthday, Campbell!
we miss you all!

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