Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ready or Not......Unit Four Here We Come!

Here is a picture of the island's most active volcano. The picture is not great but you can see it has smoke coming out the top, it's pretty awsome to see!! We're safe....don't worry! :)

Now, onto today's topic........

Okay, so I froze. I mean total loss of my new vocabulary and it's sounds as if my Pelatih is speaking another language......I mean different then the one I'm learning! :)

For our evaluation we always have two Pelatihs. Today I had my favorite Pelatih and the DIRECTOR OF THE SCHOOL! Yikes! He is a very sweet man, but I am so intimidated by him!! I sit down and we start the process, I felt pretty good going in, I had studied and prepared for what I thought we would cover, but it took about two seconds before my mind went blank.....BLANK I tell you!! So here I am giggling like a school girl because unfortunately that is what I do when I am nervous....and I start talking in ENGLISH!! I actually recovered a bit and read the required portion of our book and it ended very nicely. I then get up to leave....before they gave me my corrections!! Another goof! We all have a good laugh and I say, "What? I need corrections?" Again, we all laugh because it was painfully obvious that I needed many corrections!

Here is what they said, I need to work on remembering my vocabulary even when I am nervous(shocker!) and I also need to stop using English in class (this one has been coming for a long time, but I justify myself by needing a "clearer" explanation to make sure I am understanding what they are saying, it that really so bad?! :)) Apparently it is that bad! They suggested I only use English inside my home......uh....okay. So here I am at a crossroads. I need to get this language down and be able to converse somewhat intelligently but I also need to overcome my English speaking brain. I know I can do what the CEO has asked of me but I am now even more painfully aware of how it will take His strength to accomplish this! Then again I balance it by realizing how far I have come in only three months of school! No excuses though, it has been done successfully by others and I can do it also (or so I am going to keep telling myself!).
Thanks for listening to the rant, it helps to get it out! I appreciate those of you who lifted us up during this evaluation........but next time lie prostrate and fast all day would you? Hahahaaa Just a little humor to end this post!!


MyShannonigans said...

Oh my....how I miss you! I am laughing outloud as I read your blog! Hilarious...I tell you!
Okay...so next time I will be prostrate on the floor! And YES...you can do this! With a great deal of humor...you can do this!

joan said...

you never share how Barry's doing w/his "evaluations"