Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm No Kin to the Monkey...No,No, No

Okay the title was the name of a song sung by Jerry Wayne Bernard and his two daughters Crystal and Robin, they would come for revivals to my home "business" when I was a little girl!! Man, that was a long time ago! Here is the story: Hudson went on a field trip to a museum at the location where "J*v* Man was found (although it is a bit of a stretch to call a partial skull, some teeth, and a femur bone found 50 yards away a "man", but they didn't ask me!) Of course they have other fossils they have dug up on display and his class was going to see those. Thankfully his teacher is a follower of the CEO who teaches them, and affirms what we have already taught, about the origin of man! We are not animals but men created in the image of the CEO for His purpose!

When Hudson got home, he was all excited about the trip, but not the museum. The scenes totally freaked him out! He was describing some things he saw on display and so I went online and found this photo, taken at the museum! No wonder he was creeped out! Those things are hideously ugly!! It is amazing how they come up with all this from a few bones!! I was really thankful for the trip we took earlier this year to the Creation Science museum in Kentucky, he was able to see for himself the drastic difference between the two teachings on the origin of man!

But like I said he was very excited because they were able to shop at some small stalls outside the museum! He was a bargaining fool! He was so proud of the prices he got! Isn't that funny? He came back with something for everyone, rings for all the girls, and a hippopotamus tooth for Barry!! Can't say I ever saw this trip in his future but so glad that the CEO used it to confirm his truth in Hudson's heart!

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Ginger Bryan said...

Justine, we went to "Dino Adventureland" in Pensacola, FL and must say it's way better quality than what we have here (sponsored by Answers in Genesis, I think). I think our kids do pretty well de-bunking the evolutionary theories!! I don't want you to think your son's teacher supports the museum in the sense that he agrees with what it's teaching. . . just fascinating to see the place where they came up with one of the biggest hoaxes ever!!!