Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Persistance Pays Off....Too Hard to Resist

Pak? Pak.....Pak? (Mister? Mister......Mister?) She followed us for quite a while with her sites set directly on Barry. We usually do not give to children begging with their parents for a number of reasons, but sometimes.......they overcome you!! She was so cute and tiny!

A busy street but apparently not so busy for the becak drivers!

Those are shells with hermit crabs in them that he is selling! My close up did not turn out but they were painted not only in beautiful colors but with pretty writings and designs!
Persistance didn't work for him! :)

When we came back that way, little "relentless" was asleep on her mother's lap as the mother continued begging.

Just a snapshot from the photo album I call my life. It's times like these I go,"Now what was it that I was worried about or was complaining about?" These scenes tend to put things in perspective. Things could always be much worse!

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