Monday, November 2, 2009

They Say It's Your Birthday....

The pool and spa area
Kayu Arum: Restaurant, Resort (7 rooms) and Spa

Our lunch date, celebrating Barry's birthday!

A beautiful setting with our favorite drink, a Lime Squash (like a limeade), they bring out a little shot glass cup full of liquid sugar that you add to taste. YUMMY!

The view from the terrace where we ate.......gorgeous!

I know...another toilet pic! But I thought you would find it interesting that it has one side completely open! Crazy!!

So even though his birthday was Friday and we enjoyed getting a coffee, we decided to celebrate by going to a restaurant that we like but the kids aren't that crazy about, Kayu Arum. This place is also our favorite place to go swimming. It is an amazing little oasis on the outskirts of our city.

Barry got a fish dish (surprise, surprise) called the ying yang fish. It has salmon wrapped around a white fish and I had a tropical Madagascar sirloin medallion (sirloin, pineapple, cheese with a tomato sauce) it was good but I'd skip the sauce! :) Not that anyone asked.....I'm just saying. This is a pricey restaurant so our meals cost $6.50!! :) That is really expensive here! We don't eat here often because the budget doesn't allow for it, but it was a nice relaxing lunch for us to just enjoy some time together.

But also note that the homework is out on the table.......we can never seem to fully get away from it!! :P

Did I tell you that we, and the kids, have class on Thanksgiving Day? Sniff-sniff.....but the kids only have a half day and after Barry and I get out we are going to have a Thanksgiving Feast with the dorm parent's and kids at our company dorm that is at the international school. So that will be nice. Since we always have a houseful on Thanksgiving, it will be nice to share it with them and not just by ourselves! Still thinking about how to do Christmas........

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