Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!!

Marshall never went anywhere with out "Puffy" the snowman!!:) Seriously, we went through 7 of these snowmen!!

We enjoyed Marshall so much, we couldn't wait for him to be a big brother!

He is fun loving and a great son. When we left he was 4 verses away from earning the Timothy Award in Awanas! He has hidden the Word in his heart! This is he and Campbell in a friends wedding.

He's played football, baseball, basketball, soccer and karate! He loves sports!

Marshall earned a purple belt in Karate right before we moved overseas!

They really are best friends.....and tease each other like only brothers can do!

Happy 13th Birthday Marshall, you are a blessing of untold measure, we thank the CEO for you!


Zimms Zoo said...

Happy Birthday Marshall! Did you think that you would get to do all that you are doing now when you turned 13? What a blessing you are!

Christina said...

You are one of a kind, Marhall! Wonder what the next 13 years will look like? You are prayed for ... we think you are pretty awesome!!!!