Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sundays in Our Town

This is our new 'faith family", underneath the building shown here is where they have the kids S.S.
After w*rship the musicians and Praise Team have pr*yer together. By the way, the P.T. clothes always match! :)

Our pew is typically the middle bench in the balcony. We have a great view of the power point and we don't disturb anyone when we look up words! :)

Before the kids head to S.S. they gather at the front so the "family" can lift them up!

This is the front of the building, the shepherds family lives in a home built underneath it where the kids S.S. is held.

And last but not least, a sample of singing in "Macchiato"!

Just to give you a little taste of what our Sunday service looks like. I think you'll recognize "I Surrender All". We really enjoy attending and have made friends with some college students there who are studying English. The language barrier causes makes it a little harder to converse with some of the older members. The Shepherd is fairly young but his wife does speak some English so we have been able to talk some with her. It's different and you really have to be a "self-feeder" because you aren't going to understand like you would a message back home. The kids have done very well although I know it can seem really long for them since they have less language than we do!

Just wanted you to see some of the people you'll be sharing eternity with if you are a believer!! Can you imagine what singing around the throne will be like? :)

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