Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Wedding on the Road

When Barry and I noticed the tent going up we knew it meant Funeral? As we were marveling as the ingenuity of people making do with the space they have (e.g. the road) our friend "V" walked up and told us there would be a wedding for a neighbor and we were invited. Yay! Then she offered to take us to see the preparations being made by the women in the kampung (actual translation is "ghetto"* :). It is basically a close-knit neighborhood.

*As a side note: Since we live in a 'ghetto' I guess that explains why the other day at the pool we heard Campbell say, "Where yo' ball go?" We all cracked up, it was an accident since she was talking fast but still.....hilarious!! Maybe the 'ghetto' is rubbing off on her! LOL

Anyway, as we leave the street, to walk between the first row of houses, it is as if you are somehow transported into village life. The stone and dirt path between the homes is narrow and winding, each home connected to the other by a wall. With each step I am walking further from modern civilization, it's as if you can watch yourself go back in time. Not sure how else to describe it. When we arrive at an opening, there is a covered area with a fire pit for cooking and ver few modern convenience being used. The sky is close to bursting into a torrential rainfall and no one is fazed, they just sit on the porch with the food splayed out and continue working. I wish you could see it, it was beautiful to watch. They worked together with ease, each women young and old, taking a role in helping. They showed us what they were cooking and how they did each step, it was amzing! We congratulated the Bride and she told us to be sure to come at 10am.

The next morning we hurried to finish our translations so we would be free to attend for as long as we could before our class began at 1pm. The loud (and rather irritating :) music started around 6 in the morning and yesterdays music had only ended just a few hours before! At 9 we heard a man on the microphone (they LOVE microphones, and they like them LOUD) We waited until ten and walked outside where it was standing room only. Unsure whether to go on or wait, we were encouraged to go on ahead. They greeted us with a small tray of goodies and a drink as several people scurried to get us a seat. Since most of the service was in 'Macchiato' and Ar*bic we didn't know exactly what was going on and just followed the crowd. The people are very warm and will motion you to help you know what to do. We had a great time. Enjoyed great food and conversations which can be held a little longer now with a greater understanding of the language.

I have found that I cannot be around these "cousins" with their warm hospitality or watch them pr*y without starting to cry! It's embarrassing, but I just hurt for them and want them to know the Truth.

So as I prepared this slide show I had trouble deciding on a song. Love songs somehow seemed wrong and so I settled on "Go Light Your World" by Chris Rice. Not sure it is the perfect fit but it is always a good reminder, be sure to listen to the words! Enjoy!

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Zimms Zoo said...

As I was watching this I kept thinking if you guys felt like giants. Then you referred to yourself as one. Ruined my entire comment :P

Anna thought that you looked so pretty.

I think the one thing that got me more than anything was the barbed wire at the end. Free and yet not.