Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Candid Camera.....

Every time we drive past this I say, "Power to the people!", while Barry rolls his eyes! I'm sure it means something but just seems so random in front of that little store!

Everyone who has been to PKU says this food is their favorite, and it was our favorite too! We brought some back for the kids and a miracle took place....all four liked it!! :) It is highly seasoned, kind of tastes like a beef jerky.

My camera doesn't take great photos in gyms or auditoriums but here is Campbell on International Day, doing their presentation on Morocco.

Haddon's class presented on Jamaica and they all wore hats with braids glue on! Hysterical!

Around here there is always room for one more!!

Marshall after one of his basketball games, he played for the JV team and had a blast!

Eating out at one of our favorite restaurants "Steak YeGe"!

Over Christmas break they moved the coffee shop near the entrance to the Intn'l School and were open 6 days a week.....until their new help stole and sold their recipes!!! It was awful!!

Yes Virginia, this is a two lane road!! Lines in the roads are mere suggestions! :)

Over Christmas we went to a larger town 3 hours away and they had a huge Barbie display,the girls loved it!!

Walking through the streets at the market, while motorcycles drive through it too!
Making a living by selling fruit out of his cart all day!

I love this!! They sell multi-colored chicks here all year 'round!! It is so funny to see them walking down the streets when our neighbors buy them!!

More to come!!!

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Karen said...

oooh, those chicks are sooo fun! I think I need one!