Monday, March 22, 2010

Thoughts I've Thunk :)

So.......who wants chicken today? Anybody want to buy some chicken?
This lady was pretty busy today as she sold fresh cut chicken out in front of her home. My pembantu buys my chicken and I have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy about it! LOL!
This man pulls this cart around all day collecting trash to take to the dump, not easy labor. He is also stopping to buy some of the chicken.

Unused "dokars", horse carts and stalls in her yard, evidence of a hard, poverty stricken life.

Her mother waits just inside the door. I see faces without hope or joy everyday. Please lift up that they hear and respond to the Truth so that someday they can experience joy and peace, not as the world gives, but like that which will never end and can never be taken away!

As we near the end of our time here in this city, I am filled with all kinds of emotions. Thrilled to be finishing language school, sad over leaving my helpers whom I love, nervousness over learning a new city and people again, wondering the best way to homeschool and cook over here. We will miss our ch*rch, our neighbors, our Pelatihs, all people we have grown to love and are a part of our daily lives. This is a short list, trust me. I also feel a little overwhelmed with buying all of my furniture and appliances then finding a reputable and affordable means of shipping them to the other island....let's call this new island/new city, "Folgers" for now! :)

I wonder what it will be like without the support of the International Community from the kids school, and how the kids will handle the move and are no longer surrounded with English speaking friends. I know that we will eventually adjust, but I think there will definitely be a period of adjustment for all of us. In many ways this city has been a "half way house" for us. Still moved to "Macchiato" and experienced mind numbing changes, but also surrounded by many like-minded people too. Which will not be the case in Folgers.

On the other hand I am excited about moving to Folgers and beginning our assignment, meeting up with our team members, and setting up our home and having a somewhat more stable set up. Just lots to ponder.

Please lift up that we find great deals on our furniture and appliances, that shipping them would go smoothly and that we can avoid having our things being hassled by gangs wanting payments for "protection" and things of that nature. Nothing really seems to be simple over here and one task always seems to create another. Hopefully we can take everything in stride and not get stressed by it.

Thinking about furniture, it is amazing how I can be in the midst of such poverty and still sometimes feel as though certain things are my right to have. Isn't that crazy? I don't know how to explain it. I want a certain type of furniture or appliance yet two houses down the lady is cooking over a brick and stone fire and sleeping on a poor excuse for a mattress on her floor! Often I want as many foreign items as I can locate over here, but try to balance that with the fact that buying a pan like that costs more than my helper makes in a week. Try to take that is a life of paradox! It makes my head hurt and I truly hope it always make my heart hurt. I think the day it ceases to do that I have a problem!

Try to take in the facts of this scenario I found myself in: I set a box of "Frosties" (frosted flakes) in the trash because it was full......and I mean full, people...of ants, only to have my cook ask if I cared if she took it home to her grandchild who lives with her! Just imagine the process that you go through to understand what she is saying in your new language and then coming to the realization of what she is asking and then watch yourself stammer for a response. So you quickly respond, "Yes" because you know she really wants it or she wouldn't have asked, all the while knowing that both you and her know that you threw it away because you refuse to feed it to your own children. Just one of many instances that I find myself in on an almost daily basis. Lots to ponder.

I know I pretty much rambled here but I have lots on my mind and I just let it tumble out as it may. I am saving the stuff that makes sense for my papers in school! :) Know that we love you and are so thankful that we have you all lifting us up during the upcoming days of transition! So glad that the CEO understands me and is patient with all my shortcomings. He is faithful to complete what he has started in me!!


Shannonigans said...

I am thankful for a friend that reminds me to ponder the things that have made me so comfortable. Remembering that we have far more than we ever need and we are less grateful than we should be. Looking forward to seeing what the CEO calls you to do and walking this path with you virtually:D Thankful for a CEO who brings peace in the unknown and who is faithful to carry us forward!

Anonymous said...

I cannot image and I know it must be really hard sometimes. While not to that extreme we too are challenged. I guess the question is ... Is He worth it? I know your answer before you answer, as it is our answer too. Sometimes we just need to focus :) We love you guys and you are lifted up from our hearts. Tell everyone we said hello. Rusty & Julie

Brenda Gaskill said...

This is so Eye Opening! My name is Brenda, I'm a friend of your sisters in Oklahoma. On this Fabulous Day of the Rising of Our Wonderful Lord Jesus Christ..I have found myself stressed out. And God has shown me through your words that I am way too Blessed to be Stressed!! I have lifted you and your family up and will continue to do so. I would very much appreciate you putting me in your email list to get your blog. God will keep on keeping on....
Many Blessings to you!
Brenda Gaskill