Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just Living Life

Lord, help us!! :)

We went to a restaurant and the lights went out so they brought us these little candles. The funny thing was that the lights would come back on and they would immediately come back and take the candles away only to have the lights go off again and then they would rush them back out onto our table. This happened several times.....hysterical!! Just leave them on the table!!

Since most of the cooking is done by gas, they still cook during the many...many black outs!

The only thing we couldn't get is our special fruit drinks because they use a blender.

Our food finally arrived fresh and tasty as ever, they are obviously use to dealing with the electrical issues.

Exercise uniforms! Classes walk or run through our neighborhood! They are so cute and very friendly!
Hudson trying dried squid from a Korean friends lunch. What? The kid who won't eat mac 'n cheese is eating squid? Okay, so he spit it out, but he gets an "A" for trying! :)

Campbell before a class play on "Alexander Goes Down Under".

The kids walking through a receiving line at one of my favorite Pelatihs wedding! They are the couple in the middle.

Marshall greeting family members at the wedding.....looking too grown up!

More little exercisers! I feel sorry for them having to wear all that in this heat!

This was taken at the wedding of our Pembantu's son. We took the gingerbread boy from my niece Abby's class in Oklahoma. They were probably thinking, "You crazy Americans!"

Our Pembantu (cook) is helping Campbell and Hudson decide on a snack. They have really tried to eat all of the new foods that they are served, sometimes better than I do!

Some of our little visitors! You don't have to speak each others language to play Barbie!! :)

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Zimms Zoo said...

I am just getting caught up on your blog. What a fun read. I have dove eggs and I thought that they were disgusting. What did Barry think?

Love the pic of Haddon. What a poser! lol

Also tell Campbell that we saw a Water Buffalo at the Wichita Zoo and the kids told my aunt all about how she was going to milk it.