Monday, March 15, 2010

And so the things on the stick are........

Hard-boiled dove eggs!!! Five on each skewer.
And since I am a child of the 80's all I can think of is that song by The artist formally known as Prince (?!?), "When Doves Cry". I know, it's ridiculous and totally random but that was my first thought when I found out what they were. Poor little doves! :)
Okay now you guys were pretty funny with your suggestions. I think some of you guys have read one too many "m" books and have wild imaginations!! I find it interesting that they are an olive/charcoal gray color and not white like a chicken egg. But the yolk is still yellow. We had people guessing everything from "calf fries" or "mountain oysters" to olives and even excrement!! Yikes!! I have not had the dove eggs but Barry and a couple of the kids say they taste just like regular eggs, but Campbell thinks they taste gritty....ewwww!

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