Friday, March 5, 2010

Chicken and Rice Soup with a Soda on the Side

The narrow road to Soto Kesambi (soe-toe kuh-sahm-bee), of course it is like most roads here. I am still shocked more cars don't scrape each other, somehow everyone manges to do fine!

Items that you can request, fried chicken, Tempe, and that steak looking stuff is the cooked congealed blood that I posted about earlier.

When you are finished you walk back to the kitchen and she adds everything up by chalk on her work table.

Close up of their sign

The restaurant, it is nice and clean.

They bring the food out and you only pay for what you eat. The plate in front is Tempe (soy bean type of fried cake) and garlic potato patties.

This is "soto" a yummy chicken and rice soup with bean sprouts, fried onions and usually some little crispy chips. This is often eaten for breakfast over here.

You will have to guess what this is.......and I will post the answer tomorrow!! Care to take a guess? Leave a comment and whoever is correct gets the good feeling of knowing they were right! :) (For those of you in Macchiato....don't give the answer away!!)

Barry and I went for breakfast after we took the kids to school on our last holiday off. Awwwww!

Hope you enjoyed this little tour, just another taste of our life on this side of the world! Lots of new foods, places and adventures to be had! Don't forget to make your guess about what is on the sticks!!


mom2many said...

Okay...because I just can't get it out of my mind, I am going to guess that the "balls on a stick" are indeed some sort of animal testicle??? You totally opened yourself up for this!

Christina said...

I'm sad that Barry isn't wearing his OU uniform ... what's wrong with that boy?

I'm not gonna guess what the stick food was/is ... I have a weak stomach and a wild imagination!

Tell all the kiddo's hello and send them our hugs! You and Barry look like honeymooners! You look, not that we focus on what our outside shell looks like, but you look like a hot babe! Oh my ... did God call me to live with you in your part of the world? Hmmm ....

We love you all ... so much!!!