Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Day I Thought Would Never Come...

....our last day of Language School. After months of laughter, tears, joy and frustration, all of them amid feelings of both failure and accomplishment we have completed all 9 Units. I have to be honest here, if you have followed me on this journey through my blog or Facebook, you know it has been a hard long road. I can think of little else in my life that I have hated as much as writing those essays for my class, not to mention giving presentations! However, I always loved the topics and information we gathered to write them. So today, the day I couldn't wait to get here, was good.........but sad in a bittersweet kind of way (huh, that was unexpected!). We have come to love our Pelatihs. Those guys and girls have a great sense of humor, an astounding amount of patience, a gift for teaching their language and a love for the CEO! After seeing them daily for about a year, they kind of become like family. They will be dearly missed.

At school your schedule can change month to month, so you never know who you will see at class or who has been moved to another time. Most of these students (American, Swiss, Dutch, Korean, Malaysian, Australian) are in the very early levels, and although we didn't know them as well, they all gathered around us today since we are leaving, and spoke to the CEO on our behalf, it was a very sweet time.

The graduating class of April 2010. This sweet family, J and C are from Korea. Barry and I were in Units 7 and 8 by ourselves, but we were joined with them for Unit 9, they will stay on this island to work.

Our "Karya Tulis", or term papers!! We turned them in on Monday so they could be read before our evaluation on Wednesday morning (Tuesday night at 10:30pm, US) They looked pretty snazzy due to our cool new laptop! :)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you who have walked this journey with us and supported us by your petitions to the CEO, we could not have done it without you!! Now on to getting items for our home!!!! :) I will blog more, now that I have some extra time...we have lots of catching up to do!!

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joan said...

congratulations! it has been a privilege to "walk" this journey w/you via blogs and prayers....
love ya!