Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Week in Snapshots

After the second night of the school play "Peter Pan" in which Marshall played the Lost Boy "Nibs". Here he is with other performers, unfortunately he changed immediately after the performance but you can still see the wild hair! :)

A very proud little sister, showing you her brothers name in the program!

Haddon has been studying the Rain they made one in their classroom. Too cute! One day we were standing upstairs in a store when she looked out the window and said, " Huh, I can see the canopy and a little of the emergent." Crazy kid!

Just in case you were worried that she had lost some of that personality.....she hasn't, notice the scarf on her neck! LOL!

Sometimes I wish my eyes could act as a camera, I see so many unbelievable things on the road here daily but it all passes so quickly you don't have time to get pictures, but here is a fun one right outside my drive. This is mild compared to one where two men were on a motorcycle carrying two 20ft long bamboo poles driving through town! Crazy!

On our street, a man has his drive repaired so they mix the cement by hand on the spot.

This is how they dry rice. I am unsure of the whole process but wherever there are large rice fields they also have these huge concrete pads to spread the rice out on. For smaller farms they spread them out on tarps in their yard. So....if you ever wonder why you can have tiny rocks in your you know!

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