Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Random Pics

The boys (I love these guys) at one of our favorite restaurants! Can't believe how much they have grown!

Miss Haddie Beth cannot wait to get her hands on a piece of Peanut Butter pie with Reeses on top that was at our Easter dinner with the dorm!

Apparently, the whole school went for a walk today! They were so funny waving to us as we drove up to our school.

A tired Haddie lounging on a Saturday morning after Campbell brought her breakfast to her.

Spring Soccer has begun and this season they got cute new uniforms!

Go Eagles!! Campbell has really enjoyed learning the game!

Hudson got a snazzy goalie jersey, I wasn't sure I would ever get him out of it, he is very proud of it!

He is a really good goalie, not bad for a kid who didn't want to play soccer when we first moved here!

Haddon having fun with Campbell! They are so funny together!

HAM!! Man, were we excited to hear that they found a place here to buy it! It was tasty cooked with fresh pineapple!

Easter Egg Hunt after services at the International Gathering

Baskets are in the crate (not sure really) and I forgot bags...but they made do!!

Easter Morning

Everybody cleaned up alright despite no water or electricity Easter Sunday!


Karen said...

Holy cow! Aren't they the mini-mes??!! At first I thought ... man, the boys look alike ... and then I thought, the girls are twins ... and then, Good grief, it's Barry and Justine all over again x 4!! Thanks for sharing your life!!!

Zimms Zoo said...

Those boys are so grown up. And Hudson's goalie jersey is awesome. Anna is playing goalie this year. She is playing forward. And those boys are pretty rough on her. She can't wait to compare notes with Hudson on soccer when he comes back.