Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Furniture Frenzy

After months of planning, searching online, and making my list of wants, needs, and things that are practical. We have made most of our major purchases for our move. Everything, except for our appliances, was custom built. The price we got was amazing compared to what those items would have cost in the US, by the end, I was pleased by the result of all our bargaining. Our tutor started us off and when the final order was made the builder came down even just never hurts to ask! :) Now, we'll just wait and see if it all turns out like it is suppose to!

After we ordered the furniture the man started giving us free items, it was bizarre and kind of cool. Like this hand carved Rhino!

And these hand carved elephants!

We purchased this carving, not sure where it will go but the colors were so pretty, I saw them painting it the first time we came for estimates, it looks completely different from that time because of the process he put it through, the colors are brighter than the photo shows.

He also gave us the bottom two trunks for free! Yay, I think the larger one will go at the foot of our bed! I think after the inch of dust is removed, I'll like it even more! LOL!! But I know better than to look a gift horse, in the mouth! :)

This is what the inside of the furniture factory/store looked like. It is wide open daily so when I first came everything was covered in dust, this was an improvement. :)

They cleaned up the animals and coated them in wax before packing them up for us to take.

From another large city we ordered our sectional sofa. When we went to look at the Tamu set that our friend were selling we saw they had the sofa we were wanting. Theirs had already sold but they gave us the name of the store where it was made with all the measurements! That was such a blessing! We all love it! But...I was not expecting it to arrive like this....I thought they were pretty bold bringing it like that during rainy season to a town an hour away! But they made it, and not a scratch was on it! No complaints! it is! Let's just say that the fabric selection was limited, and the first pillow fabric that we picked with polka dots ( and was ADORABLE) was no longer available! So we decided to add color, they zip right off so we can change when we want to. Our dining room chairs are five different colors so we just got colors like those. Barry calls them our traffic light pillows! LOL!

This was taken at the Laura Ashley furniture factory here in our town. Funny, but when I see Laura Ashley furniture I never pictured it starting out like this in the middle of a Macchiato jungle! It was an eye-opener! They make $1.50 US for an 8 hour day! YIKES!

This is our Tamu (guest) Set. A family in our company is having to move to another country due to an illness and they sold this to us. Typical homes here have a small room in the front of the house when you first enter and it is customary to have a set like this to receive your guests.
Hope you enjoyed the little tour, it was a ton of fun picking stuff out as well as a ton of stress but it is done and hopefully the rest of the wood pieces (beds, dressers, table, chairs, desks) will turn out just as great!
Please lift us up as we approach our one year anniversary, we have a small glitch with our visa renewal, hopefully we can fly to the capital city in a month or so to sign our new one! I don't have the time to tell you all of the issues we have been faced with lately, but due to a delay in receiving our wood furniture it looks like we won't be moving until after our meeting in Bali which is around the end of June. Never a dull moment around here! And I am really tired of making decisions let me tell you, it's been a stressful month but I think we just need to resign ourselves to the fact that it is what it is.....and keep moving forward! :)

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