Saturday, April 3, 2010

Not your Momma's Mathis Brothers Furniture

The work room at one of the furniture makers store. Wow, not what I was expecting!

As you may know, we are currently starting the process of buying furniture and appliances for our home in "Folgers". I don't have time to go into the whole process now, but let me just say that it is quite involved. There are very few(read affordable) places around that have pre-made furniture. Usually you go to a furniture maker with a picture and measurements and they build it from scratch for you. Sounds like a dream doesn't it? Getting to pick out the wood, teak or mahogany, the size, length, height, etc. sounds wonderful....until you go to the place and they want every single measurement like how long should the arms be on the chair (really?), the measurement from the back to the front of the chair seat, etc. Then you sit for three hours while they figure out the price only for you to realize it is all more than you can afford. Frustrating!! We did get some other bids that were in our range but yikes, how do you really know what you will end up with? It was a little overwhelming the first day but I have been able to take a step back and make a better affordable plan for our family and am at peace with whatever happens.

Anyway, it has been an experience to say the least. Not sure what we will end up with but I am learning some things like a) make sure you tell them to make the drawers go all the way back or they will make them short to save wood, b) clarify the size, if you are getting a vanity but want the drawers on either side wider, make sure to tell them to widen the seating area or they will make the drawers wider but you won"t be able to fit into the area where you are suppose to be sitting, same for a desk. Ya' know, those are kind of important details.

I wasn't sure what to think when I asked one furniture maker if he dried his wood long enough so that it wouldn't split, he assured me that all I would have to do is get wood filler and put it into the crack...thanks, really, but not the answer I was looking for there buddy! :)

I hope to write more later but we are crazy busy in this last week of school, speaking in chapel, giving a presentation, writing our term paper, and finishing reading a novel for class! After that, our final evaluation and we are done!! Please lift us up during this time that we would finish well! Homesickness has been strong here lately for several of us, not sure if it is because of the impending move or what but emotions are running a little high around here please ask for peace and comfort during these times! Thank you for being a lifeline to us!! We love you guys!


joan said...

praying for you/ya'll that God will give you discernment and clarity as you make decision re. furniture and other details for your new abode....miss you dearly; but am glad to keep w/you via FB and blog....
love joan and family

Anonymous said...

I will be lifting you up during this time. Homesickness is up and down here. With every new change comes a wave for us...and Im not just talking about the kids. We have had many stuggles along the way and really look forward( although with a little fear and trembling) to our next country and being settled for awhile. I love the boys 'cool' hair by the way and I will log on later to show Jake..say hey to everyone for us. I wondered when your first time Stateside is scheduled?

Meg Lee