Friday, February 6, 2009


Well, that got your attention didn't it? Yes, today we had the session where we learned about all the trouble with different types of food and the water supply....or lack thereof. It is amazing all the ways you can spell "really, really sick" that ends in "..tosis". It can be a little overwhelming sitting through an hour long session with the medical team discussing all of the ailments that can and probably will happen on some level because of different sanitation issues. But I am very grateful that they do all they can to keep us safe and healthy, we are well provided for and will even be given free water purifiers, counter top as well as a travel packs, by a sister organization.

They even had a cute little video clip that said you can't eat cow because of mad cow, you can't eat chicken because of the bird flu, you can't eat eggs because of salmonella, you can't each fish because of mercury, you can't eat vegetables because of the fertilizer, so I guess that leaves...CHOCOLATE!! That was about how I felt after hearing that talk.

We also had a great class on Culture Shock and trying to take care of ourselves in the middle of all this stress. This speaker is very good and also very funny, he has spoken to us before and he cracks me up! So that was a nice stress reliever even though we were discussing stress....if that makes sense. :)

After dinner we had Kid's Poster Night where all the kids from each quad got together to make a poster that represented their families. Ours has a huge OU on it and because we are trying to be kind "to the least of these" a Texas Tech logo, hopefully the Parsley family is not reading this!! The kids are at Open Gym night right now, they have started these where we can drop them off to play supervised and come get them in an hour and a half. They love it and it gives us a chance to catch up on our reading, paperwork and, ahem.....blogs!!

Marshall loves working on his power point presentation on the computer and Hudson is really enjoying his projects, the girls are all journaling and Haddon even got to make a small snowman with her class, they took a picture and gave it to us in a little card, so cute! Campbell has a little friend "T" who is going to Africa and she has been eating with us as much as she can, she's really sweet.

Time to pick up the kids, please continue to lift us up in prayer, we need all that we can get!! Thank you!!

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