Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm just not used to it yet.....

So the "non-cooking" cooking class was about food and talked some about cooking overseas. They basically told us that due to what they feed the animals or use for fertilizer, things just don't taste the same there that they do here. Some recipes just won't translate because their seasonings may not taste the same as ours, etc. It was informative and eye opening in ways. I especially liked the part about weevils in our's gonna be fun!! Haddon's teacher is teaching the class to say, "I'm just not used to it yet", instead of "yuck, that's gross" etc. So as far as rocks and dirt in my rice and bugs in my flour.....I'm just not used to it yet! :)

Last week we also heard from some MIR's who were really open about their struggles and successes on the field, it was very good as they were gut wrenchingly honest and I think it was things that we all needed to hear.

We are also going through the book of Acts and applying it to our work and that has been very good as well.

Last night was our region's Cultural Worship Experience and it was SO much fun! We sang in our new language as well as others and Barry sang in the Praise Team. Four countries and their languages were represented in the service and then a new "M" who is Australian gave his very powerful testimony. Our family got to stand at the door and greet everyone when they came in with a cultural greeting and asking them to remove their shoes, they really had fun with that.

And lastly be in prayer as "shot day" is tomorrow! We all have to get them and probably several in each arm, although they do them at the same time to make it go fast and they also have face painting, balloons, and candy for the kids to make it as nice as possible. This is the first of three shot clinics that we have, so pray that all goes well with the first one!

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and Happy Birthday to my Mom!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great to read update I will pray for shots! Love you!