Wednesday, February 11, 2009


We have had some great classes in the past couple of days and although some of it I can't share and some of it, if I did share, wouldn't make sense to you "in code", let me just say that the CEO is at work around the world and it is exciting to hear about!

We are learning how to share the Manual in "contextualization". Making it fit into their culture so that they can understand it and respond to it. Just like how Paul took the message and applied it to the Greek culture so that Gentiles and Greeks could respond without conforming to Jewish culture. So then, the Manuals words, "become all things to all men" takes on an even deeper meaning. Say you share the words in the manual where the CEO's son says "Behold I stand at the door and knock..." and in that culture only thieves knock on the door all others clap as they approach a door? Essentially, they then associate the CEO's son as a THIEF!! Not quite the message you were trying to share is it? So we learn to put things into their cultural setting so that it makes sense to them, but never changing the message, just the cultural cues. I love learning this kind of stuff because I am always interested in people and how they work or why they do what they do. It is so eye opening when you learn how very different each culture is and the differences are so deep seated it is mind-boggling!

One of our classes was how to go into a location and find a person of peace who is receptive to our message and then go from there. So we divided into "villages" and some were the "M's", some were the persons of peace, while the rest of us were the villagers, of which some wanted to be their friends because they were from America, or had other motives, or were even hostile. It was hysterical to watch them sort through the people to find the one who was actually interested for the right reason. Sometimes it seems like the task is going to be overwhelming but then again you realize you are dependant on the CEO, and he will guide you.

Marshall is doing a book report on and "M" named Jonathon Goforth and Hudson is doing one on Hudson Taylor. They both enjoyed their books and are still having a great time here. Marshall's class went on a field trip to the company's headquarters and they were given some cool gifts by our regional office, they met the company president and then they took them out for Vietnamese, if you know Marshall, he is not real adventurous with food but to his credit, he tried it. He liked the rice :) and the spring roll but was not so crazy about the curry dish he ordered. There are a couple of guys in their twenties in our quad who have really reached out to the boys and take them to play soccer and ultimate Frisbee with them, they love that, it makes them feel cool!:) They are a great influence on them as well as they are guys who really have great hearts.

Campbell and Haddon are still doing well they love being around their friends all the time and seem to always end up around the piano after dinner, well, Campbell is at the piano......Haddon stands in front of the podium as if everyone is gathered there to see her! We have a large swing set right outside our quad and they love to play on it everyday after school.

Well, I am off to take a "cooking on the field" class, but they told us not to think that it was about cooking!! Huh?! So I am off to the "non-cooking, cooking on the field" class. I'll inform you on that later! Don't forget to express your love to your loved ones....Valentines is right around the corner.

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joan winkler said...

I just finished reading your blog....let Marshall know that I'm not a fan of curry, either. :)
I can just pict. the girls...Campbell playing the piano and Haddon singing her heart out. :) It's no surprise to know that Hudson picked Hudson Taylor. :)
Tell the kids "hi" for us!