Saturday, February 21, 2009's Strep!!

Well, this week has been interesting, Campbell came home from school one day because her stomach hurt (she was totally faking it but I think she was tired and just wanted some "Mommy time", and so that's okay:)). Then Thursday evening Hudson was all sad and limpy and said he didn't feel well. One thing I haven't shared is that the flu and strep have been rampant here. Several families have missed lots of sessions as illnesses have gone through their quads. A 5yr old boy in our quad had the flu and I braced myself as I figured it was our turn. I took Hudson to a Dr. in Richmond who confirmed he had strep and precribed a one dose antibiotic.......side note: if a Dr ever suggests that, I don't recommend it. He took it and within 2 hours he was doubled over, it was way too hard on his stomach. The boy slept from 3:30pm until 6:30am! However, today he is completely fine and I have the privelege of taking him and the other kids to get their blood drawn!! Another fun activity for the kids......and the parents:( Haddon had another melt down before the needle but was again fine during it, go fig!

So I missed three days of classes all in all and feel a little out of the loop. Barry is watching the kids tonight so I can go to the movie that is showing, The End of the Spear, so I will get to visit and catch up with friends. Thanks for the prayers and encouraging notes, they mean more than you know!

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