Monday, February 23, 2009

Juu Yesu!!

I am fresh off of a GREAT worship experience done African style! Needless to see it was very upbeat and lively. Men sat on chairs on either side of the room and women and children sat on the floor (I was feeling all forty of my years!!). We had an aisle open down the middle and the children came in after us and sang and danced with their shakers singing an African song that they had learned earlier, it was really special. A former TCK from Africa led us in several songs, we were clapping, jumping, and doing a little step that they do to one of their worship songs, it was so much fun. Then he gave a message by quoting Luke 15 by memory in an African accent, most of Africa is an oral society so we were not allowed to open our Bibles, just listen. My kids loved it.

Marshall was not with us tonight, he and several of the youth class took a two hour drive to Norfolk to attend Winter Jam (a concert). One of the j-men from our quad and another j-girl were their chaperone's, he was so excited. I thought it was extremely generous of our director to allow them to go as they usually want you to be present for all activities. He is totally into Toby Mac right now and since Toby was going to be there he was pumped! Yo', my son the Mac Daddy!?! Haha

We took the kids to several International Markets yesterday (Hudson missed his field trip since he was sick) and they were very enlightening! We tried some fresh items that they had for sale up by the register and while some were not bad other were, let's just say......"I'm not used to them yet!!!" :) But they did get these really cool sodas that come in a bottle and it has a marble on top that you push down when you open it and the marble stays in the top half of the bottle while you drink and then plugs up the hole when it tilts so that it doesn't spill, pretty cool but as far as the taste they said....."We're not used to it yet!" I guess it runs in the family, and I am a little more fearful of what we face as a family in only a month and a half, we might come back a lot skinnier......not that that would hurt!

Sometimes it seems like I have so much I want to say but since you each have a life to lead I'll end it here and save it for another time. Thanks again for the prayers, we are grateful! I missed all 9 hours of our doctrine classes so I am really looking forward to getting back into everything. This week's focus is the persecuted "businesses", it should be very interesting.

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