Sunday, February 8, 2009


If you guessed we had a class on Language Learning you would be right! The man that lead it spoke French as well as at least two African languages. He explained to us about how to go about learning a new language and how it involves the mouth cavity, the vocal chords and the nose. It was a very interesting class and he had absolutely hysterical examples of language learning gone bad. We really have to get in the mindset that for a time we will be talking like two year olds in our new language. We have to be able to laugh at ourselves and not get upset when they laugh at us when we say something wrong. He said one time he told a man in Africa, "I hope you family leaves", when he meant to say, "I hope your family is well". Also we need to remember that sometimes they know just enough English for them to get by as well such as an officer who pulled him over for stopping in a parking lot (?) he knew how to say, "Geeve me mooneey".

So for about three hours we practiced saying sounds and feeling where our tongue was positioned in our mouths and whether or not our nose and vocal chords were used. I wish I had video of that class, it was a riot. We have a group of people that are pretty funny.

On to today's news, this is our last free Saturday for a while as we will need to attend classes on ESL and some others. But we started today with the FIRE ALARM!! They warn you when you get here that the fire alarms are super sensitive so we are warned to watch the microwave popcorn and the steam from the shower as the FD has to come out regardless. Well, I was putting Pop-tarts in the toaster, the same toaster I have used often here and today it completely blackened them and was pouring out smoke while I was in the.........SHOWER!!! So I hear the noise (and the kids screams) and rush out. I take the toaster toss it outside and called security who assured me that the FD was on it's way. I was so embarrassed, here I am with my head in a towel and we had to get everyone up and out of the building. A friend of ours from a neighboring quad came and got Haddon as she was completely freaking out in her little footed jammies!! What a morning!! We are looking forward to worship tomorrow it will be from Latin America. I'll post more later!!

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