Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Pics

Christmas Eve Service: They win for the most creative use of a volleyball net! :)

Waiting for the candlelight service to start!

Haddon was very proud to be holding her own candle!

Christmas morning! The boys were up at 5:30, the girls at 6:30!

Hudson admiring the mini electric guitar Marshall got him!

Modeling! Campbell gave Haddon a necklace, and Haddon gave Campbell a purse!

Marshall opening a book from Grandma!

Haddon made ornaments for Mom and Dad at school!

Dinner at the Bizztro with good friends, and they had entertainment! :)

Here he is playing for the kids! Haddon is hiding behind Barry because it was too loud....(said the pot to the kettle!) :)

Here is a video clip of the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service!!

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