Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Recent Random Photos

The wife of one of our Tutor's had a baby and we were invited to the pr*yer service

They sang hymns, had a devotion and prayer time then...lots of yummy food!

Doesn't every gas station have trash, bathrooms, and a m*sque?

Rainy Season has arrived and it rains real hard every day but not all day!

Something to consider if you have ever complained about your lawn mower...He is cutting with a knife, but we have also seen them use scissors!

What he has done by hand and some of what is left to do...

Hudson is learning about medieval times in school and each kid made their own crest!

Thanksgiving Day was "Renaissance Fair" day at the High School but all the students got to attend! This is the water balloon catapult, Hudson is in the crowd at the far end getting shot at!

Mr. J is Marshall's Language Arts teacher and also King Henry for the day. As the day progressed they re-enacted all of his marriages! (King Henry's marriages..not Mr. J's, he is single and likely to stay that way if he wears that outfit off school property! :o)

Haddon with her book and the flower and sun she made for science.

Haddon's book! The Hungry Caterpillar

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Christina said...

oh my goodness gracious ... Marshall is as tall as a building! Wow ... love you all ... me