Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like....?

Nothing says Christmas like a "Santa on the Moon" inflatable!! Hahahaa

Just thought this was funny, and to show you that the commercialism of Christmas is world wide!! This is at Ace Hardware which is Macchiato's version of Wal-Mart - minus the cheap prices! It can be pretty expensive since is caters to Westerners but it is oh so nice to visit and get a sense of "normal" for a little bit.......and it's only an hour away!! :)

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nursecat said...

Hi Justine, I was glad to get caught up on your blog. It looks like you are having wonderful experiences. I hope this holiday season you experience His love even more! Be lifting us S. Asia folks, We have to leave for possibly 2 months due to visa restrictions. Oh well, it might be fun ;-)