Saturday, December 19, 2009

Language School Christmas Party (Selamat Natal)

A few pics from our Christmas Party at the school! We sang, had a service, some students did special music, and then ate together!

Pak K and Pak A were the MC's, they did a great job!

During the sermon the kids (and a doll) acted out the story!

"Mary" (Campbell) and "Joseph" (Simeon)!

The animals, which was probably fitting! :) They are all in the same class at school, Daniel, Ollie and Haddon!

My little lamb!

Marshall and Hudson were shepherds and the MC's were other sheep! While Pak Y was the angel!

Ollie's Dad, Jon, preached (in Macchiato) and did a great job, Simeon kept trying to show him J*sus!

Almost all of our Pelatihs and staff!! They don't look like torturers do they? :)
We really have come to love each of them!
Here is a video clip!

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