Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Kentucky in KFC in Macchiato one of these clips I obviously filmed the wrong way, but if you bend your head to the side you can still enjoy it!! :) This is what we experienced at our newly renovated KFC for supper on Christmas Eve!!

Starting on the 18th we gave our helpers 10 days off......what were we thinking??! Just kidding....kind of! :) Anyway, we decided to make Christmas Eve easy on ourselves and have a meal out at KFC and then go to the Bizztro for Christmas dinner with some friends. It was all very normal when we arrived but about 15 minutes into our supper this is what happened......."now that was unexpected" (think Taco Bueno commercial) but made for a fun time at dinner. This is also where the blog title photo was taken!

If you look at the playground you can see Haddie playing, she is in the black shirt.....and the white skin! :) Ho ho ho!! Merry Christmas!

Santa in KFC, who knew?

Being serenaded with Christmas Carols.....I think the Colonel would be proud!! :)

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